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The 5 best desserts in Queenstown you need to try in 2022

Queenstown is a real foodie destination. While the burgers, lamb, cheese, and red wines are very well known, after all of that you’ll need a sugary treat. That’s where Queenstown’s best desserts come in. These 5 spots have the most delicious sweet treats, from Queenstown’s best milkshakes to New Zealand’s most popular cookies.

The Remarkables Sweet Shop

Named for the mountain ranges that soar above the town, The Remarkables Sweet Shop is a bit of a Queenstown institution and, it definitely deserves its spot among the best desserts in Queenstown. Just like an old-fashioned sweet shop (I assume!), The Remarkables Sweet Shop is lined with shelves of every lolly you can imagine.

The real drawcard though is the fudge. They offer free fudge tastings all day, but I’d recommend going straight for one of the big mix packs. That way you get to taste most of the best flavours, and you can take it with you. The fudge will last a while and it’s a good snack/pick me up if you’re tackling one of the big hikes.

I always pick up gifts from The Remarkables Sweet Shop to take back for friends (or eat on the plane). They also have outlets at Arrowtown and Queenstown Airport if you need a last-minute fudge hit.

Patagonia Chocolates

In prime position on the Queenstown lakefront, Patagonia Chocolates is two floors of dessert heaven. Everything here is made in-house, and each of the counters serves a different dessert option. They have gelato, artisanal chocolates, baked goods, and all kinds of chocolate-covered goodies.

In winter, order a hot chocolate and cosy up in front of the second-floor windows to take in the views of Lake Wakatipu. There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Queenstown.

While in summer you can grab a chocolate-dipped ice-cream cone to go and sit outside on the lakeshore. They literally have chocolate on tap here and you can watch ice cream cones being drowned in chocolate and dunked in nuts or cookie crumbs. This is the home of the famous DIY magnums that were everywhere on Instagram a few years back

CookieTime Cookie Bar

Growing up in New Zealand, a Cookie Time cookie was the ultimate treat. You can find them at any dairy in the country. The Cookie Time cookies are as big as your hand and come loaded with chocolate chunks.

Queenstown is home to the cookie mothership. But don’t be fooled into just buying cookies. You’re here for the milkshakes. Cookie Time Cookie Bar has the best milkshakes in Queenstown and probably the most indulgent dessert in Queenstown. Called freak shakes, you can pick between caramel, fudge brownie, vanilla chocolate, or cookies and cream flavour. They come topped with whipped cream and, you guessed it, cookies. Prepare for a sugar coma. It will be worth it.

As an added bonus, you can send cookie postcards to loved ones at home which makes a sweet memento.

Mrs. Fergs Gelato

This is a Queenstown food blog, so Fergs had to feature somewhere, right? It was a bit of a toss-up between the croissants at Fergbaker and the gelato at Mrs. Ferg but gelato won the day.

This is the perfect dessert to pair with your Fergburger. If you have any room left that is.

Unfortunately, tastings have been suspended due to COVID, but you really can’t go wrong with the flavours here. The ingredients are locally sourced, and they make over 50 flavours every day. My top picks for the best ice cream in Queenstown are:

  • Raspberry, Chocolate, and Coconut Lamington
  • Black Doris Plum Pie
  • Peanut Butter and Banana

Mrs. Fergs is also one of the best (and few) late-night food options in Queenstown. A great stopping point on your way back from one of the lakefront bars or after a hike if you’re visiting Queenstown in summer.

Balls and Bangles Donuts

Tucked away on Shotover Street, Balls and Bangles specialises in all things round, bagels and donuts. This is the perfect breakfast stop if you just want to grab a coffee and bagel to eat down by the lake or go for dessert for breakfast and choose one of the “Indulgent Donuts’ in the cabinet.

Flavours change regularly and they have some cute seasonal options at Christmas and Easter. If you’re a real sweet tooth like me, go for one of the chocolate donuts topped with chocolate bars, more chocolate, and brownie.

You can sit at the bar in the window and watch the world go by as you enjoy your treats. It’s a nice spot to take a breather from all the adventure tourism activities in Queenstown.

photo of donuts in a cabinets in Queenstown

Queenstown really is heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth. Hope you find something to enjoy.

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